My 2001 Chevy Monte Carlo. 3400 V6 DTC C1216.

Question = Service Traction system as well as
ABS light on.  DTC Code C1216.  What does this mean and how much is the repair cost generally. Do you know what the problem is.

The EBCM monitors the On/Off state of each solenoid and recognizes when the ABS is in pressure decrease too long. This fault indicates that the EBCM was unable to decrease brake pressure enough to a certain wheel to prevent excessive wheel slip.

Some testing would need to be done to determine if a sensor problem , or an ABS valve assembly problem.
2004 Chevy Silverado ABS light and brake light on.
Codes = Possible co265, co244 and co267
Tuesday my wife parked my pickup in the garage and the ABS motor mounted on frame rail kept running so i had to un plug it. I taped on it with a hammer to see if something was stuck but keeps right on running. Hooked it up to computer.. And those are
the codes it gave us. So what do i look for?

Answer: code c0265 is a loss of communication. This is usually cause by a poor ground that is located on the frame, beneath the dr. side door. This code usually does not cause the motor to continue to run.
The other 2 codes are a problem in the brake control module(EBCM), which controls the motor. This is your likely problem. If the ground is good, and no corrosion in the ABS connectors, then most likely the EBCM is faulty.
Chevy Monte Carlo ABS Code C1216 Repair

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