A/C Problem with my 2006 Chevy Impala.  V6 3.9L

When I change the temperature of the A/C under the dash it starts to make a loud clicking noise. It starts on one side and moves to the other side. While it is doing this the AC is still blowing fine but the noise is very loud.
Did this noise just start all of a sudden, or has it been doing since car was new? Is the interior of the car very hot before you turn the A/C on?
2007 2.4L Check engine light.
Question: OK my car has standard driving and today i went outside and turn the car on but the car will not move out of the park gear at all like its stuck in park.
Answer: If the shifter will not come out of park, you have a problem with the shift interlock. This may be a shifter solenoid, release solenoid in the steering column or a wiring problem with this circuit.

With the check engine light on, you need to have the computer scanned for codes. Also check all the fuses as a preliminary diagnostic stating point.
2001 chevy impala 3.8L.
Question: My headlights, tail lights and interior lights flash on and off constantly. I used to be able to pull the light switch on to stop it. Now it does it regardless of light switch is on or off, with a clicking noise under the drivers side dash. Then with car off clicking noise stayed on and drained the buttery overnight?
Yes, this is a very common problem on your Impala. You car has a bad Body Control Module(BCM). It is located under the drivers side of the dash. The BCM control all of those lights your are having problems with, along with many other things. You need to have it replaced. Once replaced, it will need to be programmed to your car and have the theft system relearned. I would suggest having this done at the dealer, or a large well equipped shop, since programming cannot be done at most small local shops.
Clicking In The Dash Of My Chevy impala

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