Problem with my Oldsmobile Aurora.
Check Engine  codes: P0285, P0410.
New (used) compute CPU and new mass air flow.
Question: Car is still stalling when stopped. Would like to know where the Crankshaft position sensor is located and if its possible to repair without much experience.

I read some other threads for the Cadillacs and people were saying it wasn't that difficult. Also, is this the reason it's stalling. Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks again.
Code p0285 does not come up in my list of codes.
P0410 is a problem in the secondary injection system. Possibly a bad A.I.R. Pump and blown fuse, other common problems.

A crank sensor can cause staling, but usually hard starting. They are located in the center front of the engine block as viewed from under the car. You probably have code P0385.

They are a little tough to get to, even with a swivel socket. They are right next to the oil filter and oil pressure sender.
Oldsmobile Aurora- How To Replace Crank Sensor
Problem with my 97 Olds Aurora.
New bulb and checked fuses-good.  New bulbs fuses are good.
Reverse lights don't work! Has new bulbs and fuses are good. Where is the switch or sensor on the trans??

The back-up lights circuit is internal to the park / neutral switch. The switch is located on the top-rear of the transmission. From under the hood, it is below the brake master cylinder, on the top of the trans.

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