1998 chevy Tahoe 350 v8 4 wheel drive check engine light.
Question: Gear shift broken. Can still push brackets under steering wheel to shift gears, but now will not start. Could my problems be fixed by replacing broken brackets or wiring/electrical issue??

Do i need a whole new steering column?
Yes, your problem may get fixed by repairing your shifter problem, but this problem could also be one of many other things. You did not specify if your Tahoe cranks when turning the key or not.

If the truck won't crank over, the shifting problem could be causing the neutral safety switch to not function properly. That switch prevents cranking if the truck is not in park or neutral. But, a bad starter will also do that. Testing for power on the purple wire at the starter when cranking would be the next step. There should be power there. If there is and it will not crank, then the starter is bad.

If your
Chevy Tahoe does crank but not start, then you could have a bad fuel pump. Listening for a hum in the fuel tank when running the key on or cranking is a simple check. Also checking for proper pressure would be needed.

This engine must have at least 55 PSI for the engine to start and run. Even a few lbs less and your truck will not start.

If the engine cranks, and you have proper fuel pressure, then next you need to check for spark at the spark plugs. There are several things that can cause no spark.

If the security light is on the dash, that is a whole other thing. The theft system will make your truck no start also. A common problem for this is a bad Passlock sensor or wiring to it. That wiring runs down the steering column, so all the playing around with the shifter could have rubbed through some wires.

Be sure to check all the
fuses. This could be a simple fix if you have one or more blown fuses. Get the check engine light scanned as well. With the light on, there are codes stored in the computer. These may give an indication as to what is causing this condition.
Chevy Tahoe Won't Start- Shifter Broken

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