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2007 Pontiac Grand Prix Automatic Headlights
I cannot get the head lights to come on when locking the car with the remote.
Tried the owners manual instructions.
Spark Plug Broke Off
Doing a tune up on my GMC Sierra and spark plug broke and cant get it out of the
cylinder head. Should I use a torch or easy out with a drill and extractor.
Intrique MAF Sensor Code
Replaced intake and cylinder head gaskets, and sensor. Check engine light is on car with
airflow code. Has rough idle and bogs worn when hitting the gas.
P0717 Transmission Input Speed Sensor
I had the computer codes in my car scanned and got a trans code. What can i do to repair this
problem. Shifting is kind of sluggish and has no power when accelerate.
Olds Intrigue Heater and Wiper Problems
Many electrical problems. Blower motor, engine light, low coolant and car
stalls at times. Can this be a computer or ignition switch.
2006 Chevrolet Trailblazer Vent Valve
Where is the vent valve solenoid for the emissions on my truck. I have check
engine light code...
Chevrolet Equinox Vents Only Blow Cold
I cannot change the heater A/C vents from warm to cold on my Equinox. Will change
from vent to floor and defrost. Is it temperature door motor that i can repair myself...
2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer SES Light
Codes P0128, P0172, P0455, P0410, P0606
The garage checked out a few of the codes and said that all values and sensors were fine.  Garage did
not specify which codes they checked.  Said they only checked out a few of the codes. SES will not
reset, comes right back on with the same codes...
SES Code P0420 Catalyst
Also P1811 Long Shifting Adapts 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix GT with a 3.8L Series II engine. I am having 2 different
issues with this vehicle. First, the transmission has started jerking hard into gears. It seems that it only does it
once the car gets up to a normal operating temperature. I will be stopped at a stop sign or stop light and...
Scan Code P0128 How To Repair
My service engine light is on. The dealer said the code is P0128 "Coolant Thermostat Coolant
temperature below thermostat regulating sensor. My temperature gauge reads okay and the vehicle runs
good. Is it difficult to change this myself
Ford Escort Dies Out
Engine starts fine, but when it is wormed up and coming to a stop with my foot off the gas,
sounds like it is going to stall. The check engine light is on. Need auto repair help.
Pontiac Sunfire Fuel Leak
I replaced the fuel injectors and rail but now can not get the O rings to seal even with a new gasket.
1999 S-10 Pickup Blows Alternator Fuse
After running for awhile, my truck blows the fuse and the alternator stops charging the battery
How to Remove Power Steering Pump
Got all the bolts out of the pump on 1996 GMC Sierra, but it still wont come out.
How can i get it replaced.
Buick Regal Sputters then Dies
I replaced the fuel filter but the car still dies out after starting good but driving
down the road a little.
No Communication With Computer
Replaced the PCM on my 2001 Alero but still cannot talk with the computer.
Does it need to be programmed.
Silverado Gas Tank Question
How to mount an external fuel tank in the bed of my truck. Can it be done without
any problems.
2000 Cavalier Stalls
When coming to a stop and turning and pressing the brake pedal, the car dies out.
Has to add fuel. Need to keep foot on gas to keep it running, then stalls out again.
Check engine light is also on.
Replaced Fuel Pump
Still have no fuel pressure. Car will not start unless use carb cleaner. Checked fuses and
relays. Battery is good cause it cranks fine.
Where is the MAP Sensor
Where is the MAP sensor location on a 2002 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD
Vortec motor. View location description.
Chevy Silverado Misfire on Several Cylinders
A few misfires on my 2000 Silverado Vortec 5.3L V8. Fuel pressure is a little low but dont
know if that would cause my problem. Replaced filter anyway.
How to Replace Brakes on 1998 Saturn
My front rotors are worn out. Can you tell me how to fix them myself. How much
to have a mechanic shop repair my car.
Loud Noise in Front Suspension
2009 Chevy Impala makes a creak sound when going over bump or backing down the driveway.
Dealer cannot find the problem under warranty.
Oldsmobile Alero Knocking Ticking
The V6 engine in my Olds Alero is ticking when it is cold. Also the horn goes off
whenever. Gas gauge and speedometer dont work.
Pontiac Grand Am ETS, ABS and Theft Light
My grand Am wont start. Have been reading my car problems could be caused by
the Passlock sensor or key ignition cylinder switch. Can you help.
GMC Pickup Brakes Locked Up
Right front brake caliper will not release. I can bleed the brakes, so i replaced
the caliper, but still stuck on.
Chevrolet Avalanche P0449
My 2005 Avalanche has a check engine light code P0449 for the EVAP vent valve again. It was
already replaced. Can this part go bad again or is there another problem with my truck.
Duramax Diesel Stalled and Wont Start
After driving a while my Silverado started to bog down then it stalled. Tried to start and it wont.
Pumped primer but there is no fuel coming out.
Chevy Silverado 5.3L Vortec Encoder Motor
Replaced transfer case and encoder motor. New one locked up. Going to change the ATC
module soon. Can i drive it with the encoder and drive shaft removed?
How to Replace GMC Safari Engine
The 4.3L Vortec spun a rod bearing. I want to replace it with a 6.0L or 350 small block. Can this
be done or will the engine light be on all the time.
Check engine Light Codes P1639 and P0452
I have EVAP codes P1639 and P0452 on my Pontiac. What are these codes and what do they mean.
How do I fix the problem to get the warning light off.
Oldsmobile Achieva Security Light
Have problems with the gauges and the theft security system on my
Oldsmobile Achieva. Had a mechanic replace the dash cluster but now check
engine light is on. How to clear codes.
Lumina Brake Lights
Replaced the multi-function switch and headlight switch, but still have no
brakes light, dash lights. They only work when using the turn signal lights.
Low Idle with A/C
My truck will idle very low and almost die out when turning on the air conditioning.
What can cause this problem.
Clicking in Dash
When i start my GMC Envoy, there is a clicking near the A/C controls or maybe
from the 4wd switch. A friend said it was a sensor. What could this problem be.
Air Blows Warm
The A/C on my Pontiac Torrent will start to freeze up then the compressor
shuts off and the air starts to blow warm. Is this a sensor problem ?
Cadillac Engine Light Flashing
After replacing the valve cover gasket on my Cadillac Catera. The car will not
go faster than 10 MPH. I tried replacing the ignition coil and spark plugs.
Chevy Caprice Classic Stalls
Replace the oxygen sensors and ignition module. After idling for a while the
car just shuts off.
Air on Floor but Not Vents
I replaced the blower motor on my Chevy Impala, but the air still not blowing hard on the vents.
Only blows on my feet. How to repair this problem.
How To Change Shift Solenoid
I have a check engine light and code for a bad transmission shift
solenoid B. How to replace this or dies it have to go to a mechanic.
Chevy Trailblazer Stalls
After I start my truck, it runs for 5 seconds then dies out. Check engine light is
on. Fuel pressure is OK. Could this be Passlock problem.
Power Door Locks
The locks on my Chevy truck do  not work from the switches. They do operate from
the remote to lock and unlock them. What could be the problem. Is it a fuse or
something I can fix myself.
Oldsmobile Aurora Oil Pressure Too High
My gauge was pegged at 130 psi so I changed the pressure sensor switch.
The needle still goes up and down. How much moving is normal?
2005 Chevy Cavalier Fuel Pressure
My car will  not start.  It just quit. There is no fuel at he shrader valve. How do I
replace the fuel pump.
Airbag Light On Dash
If i remove the fuse from the airbag system will it prevent the system from activating in a
crash until I can get the car repaired by a mechanic?
Chevy S-10 Blazer Gauges Problems
The dash gauges and other lights are going on and off when driving down the road. We
changed the alternator and the truck is fixed. Could there be something else wrong?
My Silverado Just Cranks
I replaced the filter and there is gas at the fuel rail and injectors. Also had engine misfire on
two cylinders. Could this be a problem with the crankshaft position sensor or the PCM?
Blower Motor Resistor Location
Where is the blower fan resistor in my Pontiac. A few of the speeds don't work and i need
a picture to replace it.
2001 Grand Prix Check Engine Light Code P1404
OBD2 code p1404 was pulled.  Replaced the EGR valve, but code came back. Any ideas much
appreciated on how to fix...
2001 Oldsmobile  Aurora Vibration When Driving
Air compressor for back shocks come on but still have shaking when i reach  up to 50 mph...
What do i need to do to correct...
2001 Oldsmobile Alero Service Vehicle Soon Light on Dash
Chimes sound, heater fan doesn't work in any speed, even high speed, radio doe
sent work. After several minutes, heater fan works...
Service Engine Soon Light
Had the codes scanned got cam sensor problem. Starts and idles rough, but not stalling or
hesitation. What part do i replace to fix this problem.
Chevy Truck ABS Noise
The brakes pedal makes a noise and the truck rolls through the stop sign when I am
slowing down. Is this a speed sensor problem?
Radio Goes Dead With Light On
I installed an aftermarket radio, module and wiring in my Chevrolet Impala. When
the automatic headlights go on, the radio shuts off. I need a wiring schematic.
Idle Goes Up And Down
The idle RPM goes up and down on my car. Sometimes it seems to go faster than I am
pressing on the gas.
1993 Chevy Blazer Stalls at Stops
My full size truck will dies out when coming to a stop. Seems like it is starving for fuel. I
changed the ignition module.
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2001 Oldsmobile Aurora stalls. Oil light and crank sensors.
2003 Chevy Tahoe truck a/c blows warm.
Aurora Secondary air injection system code p0410 valve the fix.
2003 Trailblazer vents dont work after new battery. Pulled fuses.
2002 Montana brake lights inop, flicker. Bulbs good.
How to reset change oil light.
2002 Chevy Malibu P0446
I have a check engine light and code P0446. Id the most common cause a
bad Evap vent valve or the purge solenoid.
Reduced Engine Power
My 2003 truck says reduced power and the check engine light is on.
The gas pedal does not work either.
How To Replace Sway Bar
Need help replacing the front sway bar on my Chevy HHR. Do the stabilizer links need to
be changed also? I have already had the struts done.
Toyota Corolla Airbag Light On
The airbag light came on my Toyota. Took it to a mechanic to have codes
scanned but there were none in the computer.
2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer P0410 Air Warm
The AC is not cold on my truck. Also there is a check engine light code P0410
secondary air injection system. Need some help.
Misfire Code P0300 And Starter Replacement
I replaced the ignition module and mass airflow sensor but still have this code.
How to replace the starter?
Code U3f00
I have and engine light code Uf300 in the PCM. The emissions test won't run
the oxygen sensor or catalytic converter tests.
Chevy Blazer P0410 And Engine Won't Start
My Chevrolet Blazer cranks over and will not start. The check engine light is on with
code P0410. The pump is running but still has this code.
1997 Grand Am Stalls Out
My Pontiac Grand Am has a check engine light with multiple misfires. It stalls a low speeds but runs
good on the interstate. We replaced the ignition coil, fuel injectors and spark plugs but did not help.
Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Dies Out
My Cutlass will just die out while driving down the road. Could this problem be a bad fuel pump
or ignition switch?
2001 Chevy Impala Transmission Noise
My transmission is making a noise. We replaced it with a used tranny. Will a filter
and fluid change help the problem on my Impala?
2001 Silverado Belt Noise
After replacing the belt on my truck, it is making a noise again. My truck has fuel
pump but still wont fire.
2004 Trailblazer Shakes And Stalls
What's wrong with my Chevy truck? When I slow down with the air conditioning on,
it shakes and stalls out. Also when coming off the highway and slowing down.
1997 Chevy Silverado Stalls At idle And On Highway
We replaced the fuel pump and transmission. The truck dies out in parking lots,
and on the highway it stalls and starts right back up on it's own.
2004 Ford Taurus Wont Shift Passed Second Gear
My Ford transmission will not shift into 3rd gear. If i disconnect the battery for a few minutes it
works fine until the car warms up, then starts shifting bad again,
2002 Chevy Impala Overheating Again
I have replaced the intake manifold gaskets, water pump, radiator, thermostat and coolant
but my car still overheats. There are no leaks on the engine. What is wrong with my car?
2006 Pontiac grand Prix Misfire
My 2006 Grand Prix chugging when accelerating. I have replaced all of the spark plugs
and plug wires. The check engine light is also flashing.
2004 GMC Envoy Rough Idle And Engine Light
My GMC envoy with the 4.2L engine is vibrating at idle. The check engine light is on and
there is misfire code P0300. We have changed the spark plugs, coils and fuel injectors.
GMC Envoy Lights Dim When Hitting Brakes
When it press the brakes on my 2004 GMC Envoy, the headlights get dim.
We have replaced the alternator and checked all the ground wires.
Cadillac Catera Engine Light Flashing
The check engine light is flashing on my Cadillac after replacing the fuel filter and
valve cover gaskets.