Transmission Questions And Answers
1997 Chevy Venture Van Transmission code P1870
Was clunking on accelerated left turn but topped up tranny fluid and it quit...seems to shift normally.
Please advise what a code 1870 may be...van seems to be running and shifting properly..check engine light is on.

Trans Won't Go Forward But will Reverse
When I put the transmission it into Reverse it drives normally, but when I shift it into Drive and I press on the accelerator, the engine idles faster but the car has a harder time driving and starts moving slowly and then picks up speed. While I keep my foot on the gas and I switch from Drive to 3, I feel slightly more power, and when I move the selector gear from 3 to 2 or 1, the car starts moving.

2004 Malibu Checking Transmission Fluid
leaking & when i remove the cap to check has no dip stick should i be able to see fluid through the opening when hot. I but 2  quarts in but still don't see fluid.

GMC Trans Shutters
Transmission shudders going from reverse to drive when cold. After it warms up some it doesn't do it as bad if at all. It has started to slip in reverse and forward gears, usually at slower speeds, around corners or starting uphill. It was starting to act up prior to a filter and fluid change about 3,000 miles ago.

Pontiac Pressure Control Solenoid Location
Where is the transmission control solenoid located on the transmission?

SES Codes p0753 p0740
I need to know what these codes mean and what should I expect to pay to get the van fixed? Can I drive it? What will happen if I did? Please advise.

Oldsmobile P1811 Transmission Component Slipping
slipping when shifting from 1st to 2nd gear.O.K. After warms
up. I took it to a transmission dealer and the code was P1811. They said they would have to do a software rebuild clutches and whatever else. Will tis take care of the problem? NO check engine lite came on ever.

Chevy Blazer Transmission Problems
Had the trans replaced on my Blazer but it still only has first and second gear. Mechanic said a fuse is blowing for the shift solenoids.

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