Description and operation of rear drum brakes with drum removed.
Typical GM front wheel drive brake caliper, pads and rotor still installed.

Brake systems are powered by hydraulic brake fluid. Pressure from the pedal is transferred to the master cylinder. Pressurized fluid is distributed to the brake lines, hoses, calipers and wheel cylinders. The ABS system is between the master cylinder and the wheel and is used to control the pressure depending on wheel speed sensor and other data streams.
Regular periodic maintenance of removing the drums, cleaning the dust, and adjusting the shoes will give longer life to the brake shoes and the front brake pads. Very dusty and misadjusted rear brakes can cause premature wear of the rear shoes, poor stopping ability, and a heavier load on the front brakes, causing front pads to wear out quicker as well.

1999 Inifiniti I30. Brake abs battery check engine lights on.
Brake light came on then battery, then abs. I do need rear brakes but can one light trigger another without another problem?

Yes, one light can trigger the other. You need to get the computer scanned for codes.
How To Inspect and Replace Front And Rear Brakes
To remove the brake pads, first remove caliper.
Using a wrench, remove lower caliper mounting bolt and swing caliper upward.

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