Does Your Radio Display Show  LOC or INOP ?
Most GM cars and trucks used a theft system to lock the radio
when power is lost, as with a battery replacement or radio swap.
This system was used from the early 1990's to the early 2000's.
If your radio displays the word LOC or INOP  you can retrieve a
set of factory numbers in the radio that enables us to give you
unlock code.
Looking at the face of your GM Delco radio, hold down the
preset buttons 1 & 4 OR 2 & 3 (Depending on year and
model) for approximately 10 seconds or until a set of 3
numbers comes up on the display. Write the numbers down.
Next press the AM / FM button. A new set of 3 numbers will
now show. Write these numbers down. We will then use those
numbers to get the unlock code. Give us those numbers.
$9.95 Donation required to cover our costs. The Unlock
code and simple instructions to enter it will be sent by e-mail.
Why pay the Dealer up to $100 to unlock your radio ?
We get your unlock code just like they do at the Dealer,
because we are Dealer mechanics.
Example: First set of numbers is 234. Second set
of numbers is 789. Send us the number 234789.
Did you disconnect or replace your car battery and now the
stereo theft system is activated?   
Get The Unlock Code To Do It Yourself !
Did you replace your radio with a new or used unit?
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Step 3