Taking Your Car in for Repair? See links below.

Before taking your car in for repairs, you may want
to check our website for Free questions and
answers for your particular car, learn how some
basic systems work, get information on some
common problems for your car or truck, or just
learn about basic terminology.

The more information you have, the more
intelligent you will be when car repairs are needed.
The repair shop will inspect your car and give you
an estimate of repairs before beginning the work.
It is a good idea to ask to see the damaged or
worn parts before repairs are made.

Whenever possible, insist on factory OEM parts.
There are many aftermarket companies that try to
duplicate car parts. The old saying 'You get what
you pay for' is very real when it comes to car

If you are not sure of the reason the part must but
replaced ask the technician to show you the
specific damage and why the part has failed. This
is were the more knowledge you comes in very

It never hurts to get a second opinion. Once you
have received the first estimate, try checking
around at a few shops and make an informed
decision. Car repair can get very expensive if not
properly diagnosed.

Basic Auto Repair Checks And Maintenance

More Car Repair Help

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Check engine light - Also known as the SERVICE ENGINE
SOON  or SES light. This  indicates a malfunction in the
engine control and  emissions systems of your car. Step by  
step instructions on how to  do a simple scan to check for
computer trouble codes. These  codes give an indication as
to what system is having a problem.
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repair part  installation, location, how to, diagnosis, common
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If the damaged part of the car is the result of an accident, your car
insurance company could help offset the costs. The coverage amount
varies by company.