1996 Buick Riviera.
Mileage = 115,000.
3800 Supercharged.
Question: This model has a magnasteer system. The problem is that power assist works fine when turning right but is like manual steering when attempting to turn left.

My wife said she heard a "pop" sound when turning left at the time it stopped working. Steering fluid is full and not leaking. No warning lights came on. The Belt is new, the tensioner is less than tight but not loose.

I hate to replace the whole Rack/pinion if it can be repaired as it is very expensive. Can you help?

Answer: Sorry to say but this does sound like the steering rack has an internal problem.

It could not be the pump or lines, because you have power assist in one direction, and these items do not know the difference between a right or left turns.
1996 Buick Riviera Steering Stiff

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