The check engine light was on for a few months and we were able to pull the code P0341.

We planned on having the cam sensor changed but life happened and three months later the car started to lose power/jolt shifting (automatic). Took it in to have the cam sensor replaced along with recall work. The cam sensor apparently had a dead mouse in it.

The sensor was replaced. The check engine light came back on a day later and code P0341 is back.

Should we take it back and have them double check the connections?

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Yes, i would definitely take it back. It is possible that the sensor was the original problem, but in the mean time that it took till it got replaced, this mouse may have damaged some wiring.

Have seen it many times. The mouse may have chewed through the wires for that sensor anywhere under the hood. Since it started running bad as you described, it is possible that the mouse chewed through other wires not related to the cam sensor, but to other systems as well.

The other thing about this code, is that it can be caused by a faulty ignition module, or the cam sensor magnet on the timing chain gear, behind the engine front cover that the sensor mounts to

These possibilities would require a bit more involved diagnosis than just replacing the sensor related to the code. I have done a technical bulletin search for this code, and come up with nothing.

Again, need to get harness checked, and if wiring OK, further diagnosis of the ignition system.
1999 Buick Regal Code P0341 Cam Sensor

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