2002 Buick regal all lights flashing.
Ignition switched has been replaced and starter.

Car will not start or turn over all the lights on dash will flash also ignition switch has been replaced started up about five or six times but will not start every time just every now and then.

Definitely sounds like an electrical problem.  First, be sure to check that the battery cables are clean and tight. Make sure the battery lug is not abut to pull out of the battery by tightening the battery cables a little more. This will cause a loose battery lug to pull out of the battery.

Follow the negative cable to check its grounding point.

There are a couple of places to check for bad wires / connections. One place is the main engine harness as it goes along the A/C accumulator. Also as that harness goes along the drivers side of the radiator fan. Several wires may have rubbed through, and that gives many different electrical problems, depending on which wire(s) is damaged.

Another area is the wiring under the Underhood Electrical Center. Poor connection or corrosion will also cause electrical problems.
2002 Buick Regal Dash Lights Flashing

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