2000  Buick Lesabre 3.8L service engine soon.
New cam sensor wiring checked reset codes. Light came
back on and was told may be crank sensor or the pcm. I
am at  a loss. The car is harder to start and idles rough no
stalling and hesitates some.

Question = what should be checked first service engine
light cam sensor was bad replaced  with ac Delco light
came back on with in 10 miles  took it back  was told crank
sensor may be   bad  or may have a bad pcm. He  wasn't
sure and didn't  want to spend my  money. The car is  
harder to start at  times. It was  dead once on third  
attempt  to start  it started right up rough idle. Not as much
pep.  Also the door locks will lock and unlock at  times for
no reason while in  park idling.  Where would be a good
place to start?

There are a couple things you can check out. First off,
3.8 liter engines are known for bad fuel pressure
regulators. The diaphragm inside it breaks and fuel gets
sucked into the intake through the vacuum line. This
creates a hard starting condition due to too much fuel
being introduced in the intake. This is an easy check. Get
the car hot, preferably after driving a while. Remove the
plastic engine cover and you can see the fuel pressure
regulator on the fuel rail. Remove the vacuum line that
goes to it and let it sit a few minutes. If you see gas start
to leak out the hole of the regulator, you know it is bad.
Even if you can just smell gas, I would recommend
replacing it.

Another thing to check out, and that is known to cause
problems like the one your having, would be the Mass
Airflow Sensor. You can tap on it while the car is running
and see if it stumbles or dies, or better yet, if you can get
the car to act up, unplug the sensor and see if anything

I wouldn't be too sure about the crank sensor, when they
are faulty it will usually cause a stalling condition when
hot, and you don't seem to have that issue. If all else
fails, I would check fuel pressure and possibly scan for
any trouble codes and go from there.
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