1997 Chevy Venture check engine codes transmission P1870. Van was clunking on accelerated left turn but topped up tranny fluid and it quit...seems to shift normally.
Question: please advise what a code P1870 may be. Van seems to be running and shifting properly. Check engine light is on.

Code P1870 is described as Transmission component slipping. The Computer is seeing a component slipping while looking at input and output speed. The transmission will adapt to this and raise the internal line pressure to try and compensate. It will be able to do that for awhile until the slip gets too bad and wont be able to compensate anymore.

Then you will start to feel the slip. You can try a fluid and filter change, but this usually does not help for too long. The pressure control solenoid may be the faulty part, or eventually the transmission will need to come out and be inspected.
1999 chevy venture. Warning lights: ABS and airbag.
Question: The part that hold the tire on 3 of the things are broken off and the other 2 are broken but wont come off what part do i need and how do i fix it?Also the abs light stays on as well as the airbag light.

You are probably talking about the studs that the lug nuts go on to secure a wheel to the vehicle. If there are broken studs, you are in danger of having the wheel come off the vehicle while driving. There are studs available that will need to be pressed in, but you could also be in need of a hub bearing. The hub bearing includes new wheel studs and attatches to the knuckle of the suspension on the appropriate side, front or back. That repair will have to be made by a professional.

For the ABS and
Airbag lights, you would need to get the computers scanned for codes to see what part of the systems is having a problem.
Chevy Venture Transmission Slipping- How To Replace It
2002 Chevy Venture. Question: I want to remove the Engine only.

The simple answer is, you cant. To get the engine out of a
Chevy Venture, you must drop the whole frame assembly with the engine and transmission attached. Then once it is safely on the ground, you can remove the engine.

This repair needs some special tools. Namely what is called a "Lift table" and frame supports. This is what enables you to drop everything out the bottom, ans balance the frame while removing the engine, as it will tend to flip over with the weight of the transmission on one side as the engine is being lifted off.

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