Problem with my 1997 Chevy Monte Carlo LS. 3.1L V6
Question = My 1997 Chevy Monte carlo has a high idle what can i do about it.

A high idle can be caused by several things.
1. A vacuum leak.
2. Sticking or faulty Idle Air Control Valve (IAC).
3. Carbon build-up in the throttle body bore and plate.
Always have the system scanned for codes first.
1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo..
Engine size = 3.1 L V6 check engine,low coolant.
Repairs for this problem = EGR valve but blew,water pump,garage,ignition coil,burnt vacuum lines near EGR valve. Why do my egr valves keep blowing,why is the engine so hot,why do the egr valves blow and  melt vacuum lines and what is wrong on acceleration and whistle and trans slip?
Either the engine is overheating, or the catalytic converter is plugged causing exhaust back pressure
1997 Monte Carlo Idle And EGR Problems

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