1997 Chevy Venture. Engine size = 3.4L V6
Work done to repair = Checked under the carpet for loose splices.
Question = My 97 Chevy Venture power door locks blows a fuse intermittently when I lock the door. Even after I unhooked all actuators the fuse still blew. Is the lock signal from the BCM a ground signal or power signal? I also wanted to run new wires to the BCM if possible.

The power door lock switches are ground signal to the BCM, so these  circuits cannot blow the fuse.

The BCM Feeds power to the actuators, so most likely problem is a shorted  wire from between the BCM and one of the actuators. For an intermittent,  you will probably have to follow the actuator feed wires from the bcm al the  way to each actuator. Possible broken wires in one of the front door  opening pass through boots. Wires break there and can short together with  other circuits in the harness
Problem with my 2001 chevy venture Dash lights = ABS
Question = abs light comes on and stays on is it safe to keep driving like this  ?

When the
ABS light comes on in any GM vehicle, this means there is a problem in the anti-lock brake system and it has been disabled. This does not affect the  normal braking system. You will just not have ABS.A common cause for the light is a faulty wheel speed sensor, or the wiring harness that come to the sensor .

Most of todays vehicles have a sensor in each wheel. Scanning the computer  for
trouble codes will give an indication as to what part of the system has a  problem.
2002 Olds Van Question = my 2002 Olds van both slider doors will not open.
Since you didn't specify, I'm going to have to assume they don't open at all, either electronically by the switches, and by trying the handles on the inside and outside of the vehicle. So, with that being said, here are a couple ideas. You could have the child lock in the 'on' position so the doors don't open from inside, or it could be broken.

You could have a linkage rod off inside the doors that won't allow it to unlatch. You could also have an electrical issue, such as the connector plates on the body and on the door that have lost contact. With any of these you would still have to get the door open to diagnose the problems. This is easier said than done, as you will have to try to remove the inner door panels and trim from the inside of the van with the doors closed. It's tough to get door panels off without the doors actually open, so be careful as things will want to break easily. After you get the door panels off, you can manually unlatch the doors and open them to find what the problem is.
1997 Chevy Venture Door Locks Wiring Repair

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