1998 Chevrolet venture van door problem.
tech = JK
question = When I try to open the power sliding
door by pressing any of the buttons, the door
motor just makes a short click no matter how many
times I press the button. The door won't open or
close automatically. I tried resetting the power door
a couple of times and I checked the fuses. The
door still does not open or close automatically. It
just makes that short click sound when I press the
button. I lubricated all the tracks where the door
drives on and the cable that runs through the

I still have the same problems no matter which
buttons I push (overhead console button, beside
the door button, and remote keyless entry
transmitter button). Also, previously when the
power sliding door used to work and the door was
opened while the car was in gear, there would be a
loud buzz to indicate that the door was not closed.
Now when the door is opened and I put the car into
any gear, there is no buzzing noise and the door
does not operate. What is wrong?

2 common possibilities. The plungers and plunger
pads on the door and   the door jam are corroded.
Clean those off with a fine sandpaper, then put  a
dab of silicone grease on them. Then do the re-set
procedure exactly as   the steps indicate. If that
does not help, then a possible door position   
sensor or the door control module is bad. A
diagnostic using the on/off   switch and the
open/close switch on the system may indicate a
code for  door position problem. The door position
sensor is part of the door motor/actuator assembly.
The control module can be replaced separately.
Venture Van Power Sliding Doors Do Not Work

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