SES 2000 Chevy Venture VB edition. 3.4 V6 3400.
Engine Light
GM Computer codes = P0412
Repairs done prior = Maintenance like oil change, plugs and wires, fuel injection clear,
Work done to repair this problem = scanned, location a plug near the coil pack not sure for what, tested the air pump (working),

Question = How do I fix the code P0412 ? I am not sure if this is going to help in the search, the colors of wires that are plugged in the secondary air pump are yellow and black. The troubleshooter on the snap-on scanner said to use the ref G126, but i did not have my vin# listed. The 4th vin is D and the 8th win is E.

P0412 is for the
A.I.R. System solenoid control circuit.
The solenoid is located behind and below the coils. Check fuse #15 in the underhood fuse block. It feeds the solenoid.

Check for power at the pink wire at the solenoid. This is fed by the fuse. The PCM controls the ground circuit of the solenoid- Pink/Black wire.

In my experience, if the pump runs, the problem is that the solenoid valve has failed.
Chevy Venture Code P0412

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