2000 Chevy Impala Engine size = 3.8L.
Repairs for this problem = cold air intake replaced.

Question = when i get on the gas from a stand still
why does my car will  sputter a little bit then take
off. Also when rpms are at a steady pace the  rpm
gauge will go up and down till i give it more gas.
What could the  problem be? Thank you.

KK: Not much experience with these cold air
systems, but does not sound  related. This does
sound like a bad plug wire,
coil, or spark plug.
Spark  plug wires tend to "break down" under
heavy electrical load- such as hard  acceleration
from a stop, or light acceleration from at steady
highway  speeds, since the car is in overdrive gear.
Problem with my 2006 Chevrolet impala.
Question = Why does my 2006 impala
power steering not work
anymore. It is  grinding and whining. I checked the fluid and it is
low / empty. Where did the  fluid go. Why does my impala loose

A common cause for loss of
power steering and the fluid is a
power steering  hose under the car. As viewed from underneath,
on the v6 there is a small 4 in. hose that connects 2 pipes. It is
at the intersection of the rt. (passenger side)  frame rail, and the
rear framerail. A new hose and clamps are needed. Then fill  
and bleed the system.
On the v8 models, the entire hose / pipe assembly must be
replaced. This is  quite a big job. The frame needs to be lowered
and an engine mount removed.  Then fill and bleed until the
whining goes away.

Best way to bleed is to get the front wheels off the ground, fill
the reservoir half  way, turn the steering wheel to the rt. then to
the left- all the way to the stops.  Do this 10-15 times. Check
and adjust fluid level, then start the car.
2005 Chevrolet Impala.
Warning lights: Battery, seat belt flickers and a weird noise on
the ac where you turn it on. Repairs: Tune up changed the
Question: Hi there. On my moms car its started to have
problems when you start the car. It seems like the starter is
about to give up.  Leave the car for a few seconds and it starts.
The battery is new but when i was driving it to see what it would
do a weird noise under the dash where you turn the A/C on and
the dash battery and the seat belt light flicker and a buzzing
noise. Her temperature gage dont show the temperature no
more. It goes haywire. I replaced the temperature sensor and it
worked for a few days and it started to doing the same thing .
Thanks Ronald.

The problem with the starter sounds like it would be a bad
battery, but you already replace that. This may be a bad starter.
The other problems with the lights in the dash and the noise
under the dash, and the temperature gauge problem, make me
think it might be a BCM problem. BCM stands for body control
module. The BCM controls most of the dash warning light
functions, gauges, as well as many other functions of the car.
But the BCM should have nothing to do with the starter. Be sure
to check all the grounds on the engine.

Follow the negative battery cable. The engine and make sure it's
clean and tight. And check all grounds you can find. There are
several on the transmission bell housing, and others on the
inner fender wells under the hood. There are also several
grounds under the driver side of the dash. Most ground wires or
black wires.
Chevy Impala Sputters- Power Steering Leaking

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