My 2003 Chevy Cavalier. 2.2 four cylinder.
Check vehicle light
Question = Hello. My 2003 chevy cavalier has the
service vehicle light on. A wrench with the word
service on it. Also the odometer does not show
any number, it says ERROR. Any help would be
great, thank

Thanks for the tip/donation. These symptoms you
are describing sound like a problem in the BCM
(Body Control Module) The bcm sends the
odometer reading to the dash cluster. Since it
says 'error', the dash is not  receiving the correct
data. The service vehicle light is on because of
this problem. To be sure,  you need to have the
BCM scanned for codes. If you find B1000, then
the BCM will need to be  replaced. I will send you
instructions on how to do this if you are going to
do it yourself. Once  again, thanks for
Chevy Cavalier Service Wrench Light On The Dash

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