Changed egr valve 3 weeks prior Repair = new computer and fuel filter and added Seafoam gas treatment.
Question = what should normal fuel pressure be and where do i check it at

Answer: Hello and welcome.
Fuel pressure is approx. 48 psi at idle. The service port is on the fuel rail.
Problem with my 2003 Chevy Monte Carlo SS.
3800 V6 Series 2

Question = car cranks but stalls immediately. Can hold gas pedal down a little and get it to stay cranked but runs rough, blows black smoke and stinks really bad. Removed sensor connections to see if check engine light would come on while cranked but it did not. Was told to do this to possibly conclude the computer was bad. Replaced computer and relearned password per instructions but have same problem since computer was replaced. Any suggestions?

Answer: Disconnecting sensors to look for a check engine light while cranking does nothing for  diagnosis. All sensors and systems need to run a test to determine if the engine light is required. This parameter is different for each system.

Sounds like you either have a leaking fuel pressure regulator or stuck open injector.  These would explain the rich condition causing the smoke and not staying running.
If the smoke is not caused by a fuel rich condition, then may have an upper intake  manifold leaking coolant into the engine. Be sure to check the coolant level, remove a  few plugs and inspect for signs of burning coolant or a fuel rich condition.

Fuel pressure and fuel quality should also be checked. Contaminated fuel will also  cause these conditions
2001 Chevy Monte Carlo V6.
SES Light
codes = DTC C1216. Question = Why does my Service Traction system as well as ABS light on.  DTC Code 1216.  What does this mean and how much is the repair cost generally.
Do you know what the problem is.

Answer: The EBCM monitors the On/Off state of each solenoid and recognizes when the ABS is in pressure decrease too long. This fault indicates that the EBCM was unable to decrease brake pressure enough to a certain wheel to prevent excessive wheel slip.

Some testing would need to be done to determine if a sensor problem , or an ABS valve assembly problem.
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