2004 Chevy Venture 3400 V6 ABS Warning.
I was driving my van for about 5 blocks.  While I was pulling into a parking space, the ABS light came on at the exact time I felt my van start to fight me.  I had my foot on the gas pedal and the van almost came to a complete stop (similar to as if I was breaking).  Why does my abs light come on

Answer: An ABS light coming on when turning is usually the sign of a front wheel speed sensor problem, or one of the harnesses going to each. This will usually not cause the problem of the van fighting you and hard to keep it moving. If this van is all-wheel drive, then this could happen. In that case, you may have a problem an ABS sensor or harness, or a problem in the rear drive unit. Either way, the system would have to be scanned for trouble codes in order to find out what system has a problem, and begin diag. of the system.
2001 chevy venture van.
Driver side turn signal works fine when the brake is NOT applied. As soon as brake is applied, turn signal flashes very fast. Also related, when cruise control is on and as soon as you turn on the driver side turn signal it turns the cruise control off. Also related, when in reverse, the driver side turn signal does not work at all. Tried replacing the bulbs and didn't work. Autozone suggested replacing the Brake light Switch.

Answer: As long as the bulbs that were replaced were the proper type, then this sounds like a problem in the dr. Rear lamp circuit board assembly. Sometimes the connector gets corroded, or the board shorts out internally, causing all kinds of odd lighting problems, shorting out, open circuits, back feeding.

Try swapping the entire assembly with the passenger side, and see if the problems follow. If they do, then you have a problem in that board.
2004 Chevy Venture ABS In Parking Lot

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