2005 Chevy Equinox. Check engine light P0171 and P0496.
Repairs done prior = Had an oil change.
Had the codes scanned at Autozone.

Question = My check engine light came on a few days after I had an oil change. Had the computer scanned for codes at Autozone and came up as p0171 lean, and P0496 evap system purge or something. What are some common causes for this.
2005 Chevrolet Equinon 3400 V6 common cause for a check engine light scanner code P0171 lean condition.
Location of possible vent tube mis-positioned.

Under the coil / ignition assembly.
The code p0171 is a common code to turn on a check engine light after an oil change on this vehicle. If the oil change facility checked your air filter, then  most probable cause for this code is that they have accidentally disconnected a vent tube. This tube goes from the air intake duct on the air filter housing, to the rear valve cover under the ignition coil / module. (see pic ) Just reach under coils and plug the hose back into the top of the valve cover.
P0496 is described as "
Evaporative emission system purge during non-purge event"
This is usually caused by a faulty purge solenoid. Under the engine cover, on top / passenger side of intake manifold.
Chevy Equinox P0171 Common Causes

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