2005 Chevrolet Cavalier 2.2L Ecotech.
I have a 2005 Chevy Cavalier it has been
overheating. My temp. Gauge has gone haywire.
My cooling fan has not been coming on. My
upper radiator hose gets hot. The lower hose
stays cold. I have already changed the
thermostat. Can you tell me what I need to do to
fix this problem.
Assuming you have owned the car for some
time, then you know it is getting too hot.A
plugged radiator could be the cause, as well as
air in the cooling system. After changing the
t-stat, if there is air in the system, it may look like
there is no change to your problem, when in fact
the t-stat may have fixed it. The cooling fans not
coming on could be a blown fuse, bad relay, bad
fan motor, temp sensor, PCM, etc. Many things
can cause the cooling fans to not come on. That
would be the circuit to look at first.
1989 Chevy Cavalier Z24.
Engine size: 2.8L v-6.
Replaced radiator hose,split. Removed t-stat and ran engine. Still
overheating. Question: Should I try replacing the water pump?
There has been no sign of a leak except the broken hose that was
replaced. I am also not getting any heat inside the car even when it
was overheating.
First of all, you should not run an engine without a thermostat
because it will not allow the engine to get to operating
temperature. If you've got a new thermostat, install it and go from
there. If you still have an overheating issue, it could be a water
pump. The vanes on the water pump impeller corrode over the
years and end up not pumping any coolant through the engine, so
that is something to check. If you have an extreme overheating
issue, there's the possibility of head gasket failure, warped or
cracked cylinder heads, etc.

Since you have no heat inside the car, there could also be a
restriction somewhere in the coolant passages or heater core. You
can get a cooling system tester that pressurized the system so
you can check for leaks. If you lose pressure and see no external
leak, the coolant is going elsewhere, like inside the cylinders or
dumping straight into the oil pan. Lots of things to check for this
1996 Chevy Cavalier check engine.
Question = My car kept was leaking antifreeze and had keep
refilling it with water. So i put radiator stop leak in it and it quit
leaking for a couple of days but then started leaking again but
not as fast as it was before i put the stop leak in. I need to get
this fixed before winter. Any suggestions?
Answer: Yeah I would say that you definitely need to get that fixed
before winter. One thing too, I would NOT recommend just adding
water when you top the cooling system. As you lose antifreeze and
just add water, the boiling point of the mixture drops more and
more and the chance of overheating the engine becomes more

I also do NOT recommend using stop leak products because they
gum up the cooling system and just cause additional problems.
What ever you have leaking needs to be fixed as soon as possible,
whether it be the water pump, radiator, head gasket, hoses or
heater core, it needs to get fixed soon! You need to have a
pressure test done on the system to find the leak.
Chevy Cavalier Overheating- Check Engine Light On

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Question: Chevy Cavalier spitting water from head bolt. Over
heated and will not start. Help.

Answer: Is the coolant coming out of one of the front cylinder
head bolts?


It sounds like that bolt has snapped inside the cylinder head.
You are going to have to remove the head and then remove
the bolt.

Any hopes of it starting?

How long was the engine or heating?

Just overheated goig up hill n we stopped.

If you're lucky the engine is not blown. Antifreeze may just be
filling that cylinder causing the engine to not start. If you
remove the sparkplug and crank over the engine, you should
see ante freeze is coming out. If so, the engine should be all
right after repairs are made.

Ok thank you