Year = 2005 chevy malibu 64k 3.5 V6.

Question = I'm getting ready to replace the rear pads and have the rotors turned.  Are there any hints or specifically needed special tools to remove the rear pads?
Answer: Hello and welcome.
There is a special piston compressor tool that turns the piston as it compresses it. The piston will not compress if it does not turn.
Removal of
calipers, pads and rotors requires no special tools.
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A few Other Chevrolet Malibu Car Questions
2000 Chevy Malibu ABS light on the dash. Brake System (ABS) Codes C1225.
How much normally does code C1225 roughly cost in repair?  And is it something that I could do?
The problem is either a bad wheel speed sensor, which is part of the hub bearing, or a broken wire in the small wiring harness going to the hub. You can try to cut open that harness without damaging the wires inside and check for a bad one. Usually within 6 inches from the hub bearing connector. If wiring is OK, a hub cost about $450 installed at the dealer, about half that at a local repair shop.
Chevy Malibu Rear Brake Removal

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