I have a 2005 Chevrolet Suburban 1500 LT. It is a 2wd truck. Yesterday when i was going to work, the engine light warning lights up and then the transmission will only shift in park, reverse, neutral and first gear. The owners manual says that the light is for possible ignition problems or fuel system problems. What is wrong with my truck?

Can you please tell me exactly what your transmission is doing in your truck? Does it not shift into second, third or forth gears? What else does it do?

Reverse works fine. The vehicle moves forward just fine, but It will not shift out of 1st gear to the next one.

There are a few different possibilities of what could be wrong. The service engine light is the first thing to look at to start diagnosis.

The check engine light may come on for  many different reasons. The codes stored could be  related to the engine emissions, ignition, or fuel systems. But it can also come on for transmission problems.

Some engine related codes will cause the transmission to default to this kind of shifting patterns. But most of the time the transmission is the problem and will cause the SES light to come on. You need to
get the codes scanned in the computer and find out if the light is on for an engine or transmission problem. Many different transmission problems can cause the light and this shifting problems. There are a few service bulletins depending on the codes stored. Your truck could have a problem in the ignition switch, internal transmission components like a reactions sun shells, forward locking sprag, servos or shift solenoids. Solenoids are most common.
OK. Thanks you. How much it will cost to get the PCM codes scanned? Should I get it from my Chevrolet dealer or take it to Autozone to have them do it for free?

You might want to get the codes scanned for free first. It may be that a simple engine related control sensor is bad causing your transmission problems. It may even be something that you can fix yourself.  A local mechanics repair shop is much less labor rate than at the new car dealer.

Another thing you can do is to
check all of the fuses. Just to be sure it is not just a blown fuse. If there was you would have to locate the cause of the short circuit and blown fuse diagnosed. that may get your truck driving normal again until you can get it repaired.
2005 Chevy Suburban Only Has 1st Gear

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