2008 Chevrolet Impala.
Question = Well.. Say I want to pass someone. I get into it, RPMs go up. And I
hold it there for a minute. After i park it and let the car idle, I hear a, like a whine, or  "
power steering" whine, but its not the P.S. It won't do it when you turn. After  letting sit and idle, if you rev a little, the engine whines, and gets louder. Any  suggestions why my Impala is doing this? Thanks!
Be sure to check the trans. fluid level. Low fluid can give a whine noise that  is related to engine speed. You may need to remove the serpentine belt after you get the noise to start. Then re-start the engine and see if it goes away.

That  would indicate one of the accessories on the drive belt is the culprit. If it does go  away, then re-install belt. While it is whining, you can use a stethoscope to try to  isolate what is making the noise-Alternator, water pump, A/C compressor.
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