Chevy cavalier LS.
2.2L Ecotech L4 134Ci vin F.
TRAC OFF comes until I reset comp. Will stay off for about 10 miles then back on. Makes tranny run rough when light comes back on, yet smooth after resetting. Air temp sensor in plastic air inlet tube. I replaced ignition control module on top of valve cover,plugs and wires. Think fuel pumps now going. It has never been replaced to my knowledge. I Replaced air temp sensor in the air intake tube{right after the air filter.} I dont remember the actual code, but thats what it pulled up as. Reset comp,both check engine, and traction off come back on in 10 miles. Any help will be appreciated. Got laid off and need this car to get to my new job .Will send good tip after 1st check. Thanks.

Question = How to get the cars check engine Light to stay off{already replaced the sensor that the code pulls up on a
OBD 2 diagnostic} and the traction control to stay off after resetting computer. Also is it possible to replace in-tank fuel pump with a in-line pump so I dont have to drop the tank? Will in-tank allow flow through? Only have access to floor jack and jack stands. Will be huge job that way.
The intake air temperature
sensor (IAT) is a common cause for your check engine light and causing the transmission shifting problems.
If the sensor did not fix it, then most likely one of the two wires is broken at the connector.
The actual copper core breaks inside the colored insulation. You can check this by pulling on each wire one at a time. If the colored insulation stretches, the wire is broken inside and would need to be repaired.

Dont know of any conversion to put an inline fuel pump external to the tank.
Chevy Cavalier Engine Light Code For Temp Sensor

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