2001 Chevy Impala V6
Repairs= Changed the Heater and A/c blower motor and the cabin vents.
Question = Ok so I recently brought a 2001 Chevy impala and I love it but the a/c and the heater aren't blowing well. I took it to the mechanic and without looking at it he said, if its blowing cold but not hard its the blower motor. With that being said I installed a new blower motor and I fired it up and I had the same problem, so now I'm back to investigating.

The dial that controls the speed works well but I noticed that the dial that changes the direction of airflow doesn't work. The airflow to my feet is good but the airflow through the dash vents are poor. Please help!:(
With any advice could you please provide a brief tutorial or something, I'm sort of a DIYer. Thanks so much in advance.
Sounds like you have a mode door actuator problem. That can affect the airflow you feel as well. The actuator is bolted to the outside of the heater case and attatches to the mode door that is inside the heater case which control the direction of flow from floor to vent to defrost.

To inspect or repair this actuator, you need to remove the lower dash trim on the left side of the dash. A few 7mm screws and push in clips is all that hold most of it on. Once the lower panels are removed you can get up under there and look to find the actuator/door on the side of the heater case. If you have dual zone temperature control, be sure not to confuse the left side temperature actuator with the mode actuator as they look the same.
2001 Chevy Impala Airflow Directions Problem

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