2003 4 door Chevy Malibu.
Airbag, brake, theft system, seat belt and service engine soon light on dash. Had the heater core and blower motor replaced 12-19-09 this all started a week later

Question = When I start my car all of these dash lights come on airbag brake theft system seat belt and service engine soon, My gas gage reads empty and does not show how much fuel I have and the temp gage does not move either. Its started doing this intermittently however its been constant for the 3 weeks also my automatic lights do not work I have to turn my headlights on and off the auto switch for them does not work and the trunk release button does not work.

It will not pass emission testing so I can not get it relicensed however it passed safety inspection that shop would not look into the problem. Please help I have no Idea how to fix this or how much it will cost Thanks.
Seeing as this started after the heater core replacement, i would suspect they pinched a wring harness somewhere in the dash, or left a ground wires loose. There are any ground wires around under the drivers side of the dash.
If one was left off, or loose, it could cause all the problems.

All of these things can be related to the Body Control Module (BCM) or a harness for the BCM. That is except the check engine light. That most likely is not related, unless a main ground as stated above.

I would definitely have the shop that did the repairs look at it. A good shop would.
Really need to have all the computers scanned, and look through many schematics to find a ground or harness in common to all the fault codes that would be stored in the different computers.

You could also go under the passenger side of the dash and unplug the BCM, then plug it back in to see if just a loose connection. They may have also bent some wire terminals in the BCM or any other connectors.
2007 Chevy Malibu 4 CYLINDER check engine light.
Question = On 2 separate occasions yesterday my fuel level gauge went to low and the warning chime went off. The tech from AutoZone said that it was the fuel sensor and had to replace the fuel pump. Is there an access panel from the rear passenger compartment to pull out the fuel pump from the fuel tank?
No, there is no access panel to get to the fuel pump assembly on this model and year of Chevy. There used to be such a thing on a few years of Chevrolet and
Pontiac cars, but then for some reason the manufacturer removed it. This was a big mistake. I mean, how many fuel pumps fail?

Most of them do. The fuel level sensor is an even more common part to fail, and now once again we have to remove the entire gas tank for the car. The tank must be removed from the car. The sensor can be replaced separately from the fuel pump.
Malibu Theft, Service And Airbag Lights On

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