Problem with my 2003 Chevy Silverado 4.8L.
Work done to repair = changed
spark plugs yesterday, no change.
Question = my truck keeps stalling when I come to a stop. Sometimes it will stay running when I start it, maybe 30 - 60 seconds. As long as I give it gas it stays running.

There are a few things to look for. First look in
throttle body and behind throttle blade for carbon build-up. Clean the throttle body. This is most likely problem.

Also checked for low fuel pressure. We also have had problems with the intake manifold gaskets leaking vacuum. Usually this will give an unstable idle and stall when hot, but not cold. These suggestions all assuming no codes as you have stated.
1997 Chevy  Silverado 1500
Repairs for this problem: i have  replaced the  coil, the  distributor twice, the wires twice,& put 2 other  caps  on the  distributor.
Question = u see the  above as  to what  i have  done, the truck keeps  burning up distributer caps & even with a  new one  on it  the  truck skips &  jerks & its  missing  bad.
Answer: The timing is probably off with all the swapping of parts, or if you've set the timing without disconnecting the EST connector it will be off. I would start from scratch and remove the distributor, get the number 1 cylinder to TDC, reinstall the distributor in the proper position, etc....then set timing the proper way by unplugging the EST connector located on the firewall and following the timing specs on the emission sticker. If it still burns up parts, you're either using the wrong parts or cheap aftermarket junk. Nothing else would burn up parts like that.
Chevrolet 6.6 Duramax Diesel
Question = I was driving my Duramax 6.6l diesel and I drove 3 hours to work it seamed fine all day. On my way home it kinda bogged out a little and then went back to normal. I kept driving parked and let it idle ten it died so I go to start it up it won't go the. It goes but only runs for like a min or so. Tried pumping the primer but no fuel was coming out. And still won't start.
Answer: Could be a couple different things causing your problem. The main thing, and unfortunately the most expensive, is the injection pump. Those give symptoms like you describe and once they fail, the truck won't start anymore.

It could also be something simple like bad fuel, or even a clogged fuel filter. Those are simple enough to check, so I'd do that first. Less likely is a fuel pump that went bad, but that should be checked too for power and ground and see if it's building pressure before the injector pump. Probably going to be quite expensive to repair, as when diesel's go out, they go out big.
Silverado Stalling- Engine Skips and Misfires

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