1994 k2500 suburban
Engine size = 6.5 turbo F
Warning_lights = service throttle soon.
Computer vcodes = 23 27 84
Repairs made= Installed Standadyne pmd with relocator, pedal assembly, new batteries, cleaned cables and grounds, cleaned connectors added dielectric grease.

Question = had been sitting 2 years.would occasionally start, sts light came on when pedal was depressed. replaced pmd, and unit now starts every time.replaced pedal assembly but light still comes on, and loses all pedal response.this occurs before unit is even put in gear. Also upon start up, engine will automatically Idle up to 2800 rpm for about 4 seconds then idle back down. what am I overlooking ?
If none of the codes came back after the repairs, then you just need to relearn the idle. If the light comes back on and all codes returned, you may have a wiring problem. If the accelerator pedal did not fix the problem, then you have a wiring problem. Get an ohm meter and check continuity of the wires between the APP and the module. If the wires are OK, then either the module or ECM is bad.
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