Chevrolet Trailblazer Ext 6 cylinder 4.2L Vortec
Repair for this problem = replaced stabilizer links

Question = I have a rattling noise in the left front when I go over some bumps. The shocks seem to be fine, but I don't know what is the problem.
Yes, those stabilizer links are the most common.
If there is ANY oil on the strut, i would suspect that is your noise. Even if no oil, the strut may be noisy.
One odd thing i have run into a few is that the hood latch does not have enough down force when hood latched. This will cause a rattle that can be mistaken for a suspension component. Also loose fender inner splash shield as well as front bumper fascia loose.
If a lot of miles, be sure to check all suspension on that side- ball joints, control arm bolt and bushings, etc.
Problem with my = 2006 Chevy Colorado.
Repair work done prior = front rear and emergency brakes replaced. Rear suspension, leaf springs all replaced. Rear shocks, due to minor motor vehicle accident
Work done to repair this problem = All of the replaced as well as follow ups for additional issues that still has not been resolved. The front drivers side AVS sensor that is attached to brakes was also replaced but continues to present issues.
Question = Need to know what would continue to create the brakes to drag, grab squeal and lock up.  Need to know how to correct this issue.
With all the work done after the accident, there could be several reasons- a pinched brake line. That would depend if just one of the brakes was dragging and locking up.
Mis adjusted emergency brakes, brakes hose collapsed internally- this would cause truck to pull to one side when braking, faulty master cylinder, poor quality pads and rotors, etc.
Trailblazer Rattle In Front End- Colorado Brakes Drag

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