2005 Chevrolet Malibu Classic 2.2 liter.
I replaced battery, resonator, fuel pump, and fuel filter.
Question: I replaced the battery, resonator, fuel pump, and fuel filter on my 2005 Chevrolet Malibu Classic. Still, the engine dies when I turn on the air conditioning.  Engine does not die when A/C is off, but does seem to surge occasionally.  Three different mechanics have looked at it, and none know what is causing the problem.  Any suggestions? Could it possibly be that I need new spark plugs and/or wires?
No, i highly doubt that the
spark plugs and wires are causing your problems. This engine does not have spark plug wires anyway.

Without a check engine light or codes, this can be hard to diagnose. But by what you are describing, it does just sound like carbon buildup in the throttle body bore and plate. This is  a very common problem on the 2.2L Chevy.

On older cars, the idle was controlled by what is called the
Idle Air Control Valve, or IAC motor. When they malfunction the idle cannot be controlled correctly, and the car can dies out or not even start. On today's cars, the throttle is electronically controlled and there really is no idle control motor. Idle is controlled by the throttle itself. The computer (PCM) sends signals to the throttle to open or close it at idle depending on other sensor readings. One of the things the computer looks at is if the A/C compressor is on. When the A/C is on, this puts a load on the engine, so the idle comes down. The electronic throttle body will compensate by raising the idle a little. If it cannot do that, the car may surge and stall out.
You need to clean the throttle. That may all that may be needed. Remove the air duct at the throttle, open it with a your finger, spray carb or brake cleaner on a rag and wipe inside the throat real good. Also spray all around inside. Get out any dark material you see. Put the duct back on then take it for a ride and blow it out real good- accelerate very hard several times. The engine will stumble on the first start up and first few times pressing the gas pedal, but that is normal until the cleaner is blown out. Take it on the expressway, then get off and come to a stop and let it idle in gear for a minute. Shut Your Chevy Malibu off for a minute, then stat it back up and you should be fixed. Do all this with the A/C off.
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