2007 Chevrolet Tahoe.
Rear access open.
Question = When i drive and go over a bump all the doors start to lock and unlock non stop.  Sometimes it starts when I go over a bump in the road and sometimes it just starts when I am driving.  It also says the lift gate is open.
The rear gate ajar light may or may not be related to the other electrical problems you are having. You may just have a bad rear gate switch or latch.

A problem in one of those can cause the power locks to start acting up, since the truck sees the door open and is trying to lock all the doors for safety reasons.

But the lights and locks are also controlled by the body control module (BCM) That could be having a problem.

Since it seems to happen when hitting bumps in the road, this sounds like a loose wire somewhere. Maye a ground wires. I would get the ground checked under the hood, inside the dash and under the truck. But only after having that rear gate ajar system checked. That could be all the problems with your Chevy Tahoe.

There are 2 latches and 2 switches on that door. One on each side, Either one could be the problem, or a wiring problem that connects the two. But since hitting bumps makes it move a little, or stopping real hard, it all does seem to lead the back door.
Chevy Tahoe Gate Ajar Light Comes On

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