2000 Chevy Malibu. Changed battery.
Question = recently replaced battery and now my
Theftlock on radio says LOC. I've had this car for 3 yrs and am not prior owner of vehicle. Is there a factory backup code that I can use, since I have no idea of what the code is?

Thanks you for the tip/donation.
First you must give me the factory scramble code, then i will get the backup unlock code for you.
Press 1-4, or 2-3 at the same time for about 10 seconds, a 3 digit number should appear, write that down.

Press am/fm button to get second set of numbers. E-mail those back to me and i will try to get a factory unlock code.
The highest that the numbers will go is 1999...It starts with 000 when i push the mn/hr..the Mn side will let me get to 99 before it switches back to 00..The hr side lets me get to 19 before it goes back to a 0..So, XXX, and my first number of XXX would be impossible... I hate this but, I feel like we're getting closer, and I appreciate all you've tried so far.

OK, this is the answer. Your first # is do-able........
The initial key depression will cause the display to indicate 000.
Press and hold the MIN (or MN) button until the last two digits of the code appear. The digits will also increment one by one with every momentary depression.
Press and hold the HRS (or HR) button until the first digit or digits of the code appear. The digits will also increment one by one with every momentary depression.

So just enter in XX first, dont try to get XXX
Then enter in XX, for a code of XXXX
let me know........

Ok...just wanted to let you know that I finally got it =)..The problem was, I had to make the display say just XXX..the zero on the XXX code wasn't showing up on the display and it was throwing me off. I totally disengaged it now so I'll never have that problem again..thank you so much for your patience.

Your very welcome. Glad to help get that straightened out for you. Come visit us again!
Chevy Malibu Radio Unlock Code

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If radio is displaying INOP, you cannot do this until key is left on for at least 1 hour, then cycle key off then on, then retrieve numbers.
If you have an RDS radio, you must go to dealer for code, cannot do it like this. It will say RDS on radio front face if it is.

the numbers are XXX and XXX...when i called to get unlock code which recording said was XXXX, that failed to work =( I used button 2-3 and pushed am/fm buttons to get the 6 digit number.

Have had 1 or 2 problems where the numbers need to be reversed. Try code XXX. If does not work, tell me what happened on these tries. What did the radio show?