1999 Chevy cavalier 2.2L Misfire
Tires and battery and that is it has been changed already. Tune up (Plugs, wires), new air filter, oil change.
Question = Last winter my 1999 Chevy Cavalier started stalling when   coming to a stop when it was cold outside. It does not always stall just sometimes. After it dies you can immediately start it again with no trouble. The rest of the time the car starts, runs, and idles fine.

You can even stomp on the gas and the car will go without any hesitation. Once the weather warmed up the problem went away and I was able to drive the car all spring, summer, and this fall. Now it is getting cold again and the problem has come back. I have no dash light and the only error code I have had indicates a misfire. I would greatly appreciate your help as I am in college and can not afford the money to take it to a mechanic right now. Thanks for your help.

Answer: Several things can cause this. If you have a code for a misfire, that should be the first thing  to concentrate on. Being a 4 cyl., if you have a misfire on 1 or 2 cyl., this could be enough to cause it to die. Another thing that can be done is to have the fuel injectors cleaned, and the  throttle bore/blade cleaned.

Carbon build-up in the throttle bore can cause a stall. Sticking  fuel injectors are a common cause for misfire(s) code.
1999 Cavalier Misfire Cylinder 4

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