2005 Chevy Malibu. Engine size = 2.2 ecotech
Check engine lite
Question = hello. My malibu has a check engine light on sometimes. I took it to auto zone and the code came back as p0171. They said that is lean and i need a new oxygen sensor. Can you tell me if this is right, and how do i replace an oxygen sensor. Thanks.

Hello and welcome.
The conditions you are describing relates to a service bulletin ( TSB ) for a lean condition on  this vehicle. You are still under factory warranty, and just need to take to the chevy dealer.  What they will do is re-program your pcm (powertrain control module). This procedure  should take about 1/2 hour.

Thank you for the donation. I will e-mail you the bulletin so you can take it with you to the  dealer if you wish.
1997 Buick Lesabre 3.8 Computer codes = p0171,p0300.
Repairs= new
o2 sensor and fuel filter
Question = if my car sits for awhile it will start and run fine for awhile. After driving it will shut off.. Then i have to let it sit..if i want to start it right away i pull gas in to the intake manifold.. The car  will start only to make it a mile or less.
This could be anything from a bad fuel pump to an electrical issue that is causing your problem. If possible I would check fuel pressure when the car is acting up. If it is low you may be in need of a new fuel pump. A faulty computer can make your car act up as well. That and other electrical problems such as ignition components failing should all be checked out and/or replaced if necessary.

Having to add gas to the intake seems like you're not getting enough fuel and that may be why it cuts off as well. The code you have listed, P0171, is for the fuel trim being lean, which means exactly that, less fuel than air in the mixture. I'd concentrate on finding that problem and you should be all fixed up.
2005 Chevy Malibu Ecotec Lean Code P0171

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