Problem with my 2002 Chevy Cavalier.

Question = I have a factory installed radio in my car.  All the functions work except the actual cd player.  It says Check CD.  I replaced it with another factory radio and everything worked except the actual cd player.  It also says check CD.  Is there any programming needed to get the CD player to work or is the unit bad? Why does my radio not work.
2004 Chevy Cavalier 2.3 Quad engine.
Question = interior light comes on by itself anytime after it goes off when doors are closed, and other times wont go off at all when doors close. Have to restart car, shut down and then light slowly dims to off, then it may stay off or come on and stay on.

Interior lights are controlled by the Body Control Module (BCM)
The door jam switches input to the BCM is a door is open or closed.
You may have a door jam switch that is sticking or corroded, causing the lights to do this, or a BCM acting up.

Remove the door jam switches and inspect. Disconnecting the switches should cause the lights to go out.
If the radio controls all work, and the theft is not active, then there is no programming to do for the cd. Either the radio is faulty, or the Cd's are dirty/scratched. Some formats of cd-r or cd+r are not compatible with some GM radios. The radios have trouble sometimes reading owner made Cd's depending on the quality of the copy, or the program used to burn the cd.
Chevy Cavalier Radio And CD Problems

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