2003 Chevy Malibu Engine size = V6.
Service vehicle soon & Engine coolant Low
Why does my chevy Malibu 03 runs great, and sometime when I start my car the engine coolant light turns on for about 1 minutes and then it turns off itself. Sometime Service vehicle soon  light turns on and I turn off the car and start again and it does not appear again . I have these 2 problems which really bothers me. Please help,is it some thing serious. Thanks a Bunch.

The coolant light staying on may be because the coolant is low. Be sure to check the coolant  level. If it is full, may be the level sensor.

The service vehicle soon light can come on for many different reasons. The first thing to do  is to get the body computer (BCM) scanned for codes before any attempt at diagnosis can  be made. The 2 symptoms may be related.
Most likely the gauges cluster is bad. The body control module sends the odometer data to the instrument panel cluster, The panel itself is what illuminates it. Some electrical testing with a test light and schematics would be need to confirm this.
Chevy Malibu Coolant Light And Odometer Problem
2002 Chevy Malibu. I cannot see the odometer reading. It is sort of dim, and blank. You can see the numbers a little but barely. What is wrong with my car? Is this something i can fix myself?

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