2001 warner bros Venture van 3.4 V6.

Question = makes noise when driving on road when going around curves its quiet. If you turn the wheel loose it goes straight if you turn just a little either way the noise stops.
Problem with my 2004 chevy venture 3400 V6. ABS Light
Question = I was driving my van for about 5 blocks.  While I was pulling into a parking space, the ABS light came on at the exact time I felt my van start to fight me.  I had my foot on the gas pedal and the van almost came to a complete stop (similar to as if I was breaking).  Why does my abs light come on.

An ABS light coming on when turning is usually the sign of a front wheel speed sensor problem, or one of the harnesses going to each. This will usually not cause the problem of the van fighting you and hard to keep it moving. If this van is all-wheel drive, then this could happen. In that case, you may have a problem an ABS sensor or harness, or a problem in the rear drive unit. Either way, the system would have to be scanned for trouble codes in order to find out what system has a problem, and begin diagnosis of the system.
The noise you are describing could be tire noise or possibly a noise front hub bearing. Hub bearings will make noise when turning in one direction, and not the other. That is, unless both are noisy.

To check for a
tire noise, rotate the front tires to the rear and see if the noise goes away or changes.

For a noisy wheel bearing, drive the van straight. Turn the wheel slightly to the right. If the noise is there, or gets louder, then the left front hub bearing is the most likely cause. This is because the body roll puts the vehicle weight on the left side during a right turn.  Same rule applies for a left turn.
Question: 1996 Oldsmobile Aurora.
Question = i want to know how to replace the rear hub assembly. Do I have to remove the caliper to change the hub.
Yes. You have to remove the brake caliper, pads, caliper bracket and the rotor. Then your will see the bolts that hold on the hub bearing. Remove the ABS speeds sensor connector from the back of the hub, then remove the 4 bolts using the large holes in the hub flange to access the bolts. Use will most likely need to hammer it out being a 1996 model year and plenty of corrosion or rust.
Chevy Venture Noise In Front End- ABS Light ON

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