Replacing Chevy Trailblazer Battery Causing Problems
2004 Trailblazer ext. All lights are on.
Cleaned throttle and replaced battery.
Question: Repairs as stated above have been done, now the vehicle will not go into any gear. Act like all gears are neutral. Replaced battery, sat for a week and battery was graveyard dead. Any ideas? All dash lights are on and gauges are all to bottom or left....none work.

With the gauges bottomed out and the other problem you are having, it sounds like either a module may have been damaged if you tried to jump start it at any time. This can cause a voltage spike and take out a module. But these different problems cannot be related to one module. You may have damaged several.

If you did not ever jump start the truck, then it may be a faulty ignition switch. This is what feeds power to most of the trucks electrical systems. That would explain the gauges being all the way down-
low voltage. It could also explain the transmission problem. Low voltage to the trans shit solenoids.

Try this: Cycle the ignition from off to on very quickly many times. Sort of- turn,turn back, turn,then back. Do thus fast and harshly. This will sometimes cause a faulty ignition switch to correct it self for a little while, or to at least fix a few of the problems.
2005 chevy trailblazer. Battery got replaced.
Question: just replaced battery now when I turn on the a/c the car shuts off. Even on park, or while driving.

this is a common problem of carbon buildup in the throttle. When you replaced the battery, the computer is trying to set / learn the proper idle position. if there is a lot of carbon in it, the computer cannot compensate for it.

Give the throttle a good cleaning, take it out on the highway and blow it out real good, then let the truck idle for a few minutes. Shut off the truck and let it idle for 2 more minutes, then shut it off for 5 minutes.

Now restart and see if the problem clears up. If the engine light is on, you will need to have it scanned for codes and maybe cleared to finish this procedure.

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