1999 Chevy Malibu.
Engine size = 6 Cylinder.

Question = The car will not start when the ignition
is turned all the way over.  The battery is fine and I
think it is a switch problem.  

Sometimes I can leave it alone for a few hours and
it will fire right up.

Other times I just turn the ignition on and off about
5 or 6 times and it starts.

I can detect a pattern to this problem as it seems
to come and go.

This is very frustrating and I am thinking I am
better off installing a push button switch on the
If the engine does not crank, then you may have a starter problem.
If the engine does not crank, and the
security / theft warning light
stays on when it won't start- and you let go of the key to the ON
position, then this is most likely a problem in the Passlock system.
The ignition cylinder is also know as the Passlock Sensor. This is
what sends the security data to the Body Control Module (BCM) to
allow the car to start. This part failing is very common on this car.

If there is no security warning, then this is a possible ignition switch
problem. This would explain turning the ignition back and forth
several times. This action will usually cause a bad switch to correct
itself for a time. Be sure to check the basics- battery cables clean
and tight
I Must Turn The Key Several Times Before My Chevy Starts

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