1- Fuel pressure
2- A 15/16 in. wrench
3- Hold down the
throttle lever to gain
1- Fuel pressure regulator
2- #40 TORX socket
3- Extension
4- Hole in throttle cable bracket
5- Ratchet
Replacing fuel pressure regulator on 3.1l / 3.4l v6 GM engine. A few tools are needed to perform this simple do it yourself repair.
Leaking fuel pressure regulator can cause hard stating, stalls, gas odor, misfire code p0300.
When the fuel pressure regulator(1) on the 3.1 and
3.4 engine fails, fuel leaks into the vacuum hose
at the top.This condition causes a hard start, long
crank time, runs rough when started, and can also
cause a stall condition when coming to a stop.

This also causes poor fuel economy.

Use these pictures and instructions in the
replacement of the regulator.
The upper intake manifold plenum does NOT need
to be removed.
Fuel Pressure Regulator Replacement-
3100 and 3400 Engines

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