2005 Chevy Equinox service vehicle light problem
How do i change rear spark plugs
and wires on rear
of Equinox.
No power steering on 2006 Equinox
after jump starting battery. Many warning lights
on dash.
Check engine light codes P0171 lean and P0496
Evap system on my
2005 Equinox.
Problem with My 2005 Equinox Airbag
The airbag sensor is lit on my Chevy equinox. The
dealer checked it and  told me that the front
impact sensor needs to be replaced (code B0100
and B0101)...
My 2006 Chevrolet Equinox Vents Only Blow Hot
I cannot change the heater A/C vents from warm to cold
on my Equinox. Will change from vent to floor and
defrost. Is it temperature door motor that i can repair
See Pictures Here
Check Engine Light After Oil Change
Got an oil change today with 5W 30 at the local Jiffy lube and
a new intake air filter (not the main filter on the engine the one
against firewall). Suddenly like 1 km away, the check engine
light came on. Won't turn off. I reset the oil sensor according
to owners manual
How To Disable Daytime Running Lights
I need to turn off the DRL and automatic lights.
Is there a switch or something else I can do.
The temp gauge on my Equinox shows high and engine
overheating. The dealership mechanic cannot find
anything wrong with the engine or sensors.
Rear Wiper Motor
The rear wiper motor on my 2007 is making a noise then
stops working. Can I replace it myself? What is wrong with
my Chevrolet Equinox?
Auxiliary Power Outlet Fuse Blows
Also the brake peal makes a noise when
slowing down. Sounds like the ABS is
activating on my 2005 Equinox.
Chevrolet Equinox Repair Questions
2009 Chevrolet Equinox P0171
While trying to correct these problems, the service traction
system light came on. We scanned the computer and also
got code P2534.

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2007 Equinox Overheat- Changed Thermostat
My Car is overheating even after changing the thermostat.
There are no air bubbles in the system.