1999 Malibu 3.1L v-6 coolant leak
My car is throwing allot of water and no, is not from any of the hoses. It looks like its coming from like at the bottom of the motor or just the motor.
Chevrolet Malibu Hard to Start
Scanned codes. That engine has 2 crank position sensors. One is near the starter and bolts to the engine block. The other is behind the crank pulley/balancer. I have to say i have not replaced many of those.
Problem With My 2001 Chevrolet Malibu Wont Start
Why doe the theft/security light stay on. I work at an auto repair shop and this is a customers car.
2004 Classic Dies then Wont Start. Theft light is Flashing
It died on her a couple times, then would take several tries to get it start up. Eventually we couldn't get it to start at all. So I verified it had spark. Then checked the fuel pressure.
2000 Ran out of Gas Now Wont Start
May have sucked up some dirt / debre into the fuel pump after running it dry. May want to change fuel filter. Check fuel pressure.
How to Replace Crank Position Sensor 2003 Malibu v6 engine
That depends on which crank sensor.
The 7x sensor is between the engine and the trans. Hard to reach with big hands. Is a 2-wire sensor,  yellow/blk.
Need Radio Codes
I need to know how to unlock the radio for my Malibu 2004 Malibu, this one is the 6 disc in dash model. I bought it to replace the original.
How To Check Transmission Fluid 2004 Malibu
it is leaking & when i remove the cap to check has no dip stick should i be able to see fluid through the opening when hot.
2002 3.1l Engine Overheats. Replaced Intake Gaskets
Need Head Bolt Torque specs and Procedure
Car is still overheating and losing water I'm guessing it has to be a head gasket I'm going to go ahead and change both of them on 3.4L V6.
Clunking Noise in Steering Wheel
When i turn the steering wheel and when i stop and hit bumps on my 2006 Chevrolet. When i stop or hit the gas and turn.
How to Compress Caliper Piston Rear Brakes
I'm getting ready to replace the rear pads and have the rotors turned. Are there any hints or specifically needed special tools.
EGR and Catalyst Efficiency Low Codes on My 2001 Malibu
low mileage motor car will act like its starving for fuel and lose power may go 25 and may not go at all never really dies out that much sometimes will start right back but usually have to leave it sit.
Check Engine Light Code P1635
Replaced IAC and idle no longer raced but still was too high. MAF code for  reference voltage. Back probed sensor and found 4.2 V at the MAF. Disconnected MAF  and reference pin was at 5V. Replaced MAF, code cleared. Idle still erratic. Code set  for Reference A voltage high. Back probed TP, Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor, MAP, and  EGR and found 5V reference.
Steering Problem on My 2009 Chevy
I have a clunking noise in the front end and the steering. It happens when i am turning slowly like in a parking lot. Going forward gear or backwards does not change the sound. When i am driving and going around a corner or just pulling into my driveway i hear the noise.
Ecotec 2.2L has No Power Accelerating
when i start the car it shakes and has a hard time picking up speed? I did a test and it said a misfire. So i replace the plug, plug wire, ignition coil pack. I started the car and it still shook but not as bad. Then i replace the fuel pump and the fuel filter.
2004 malibu, 2.2, scan p0171
Can MAF be tested.  Want to check it before mechanics replace it. Can the Mass Air Flow sensor be tested with a multi-meter? Why does my  malibu have this code.
Car Hard To Start
I have to turn the key in the ignition several times before it will start. Battery is good. Think maybe a switch or security / theft problem.
Fuel Gauge Goes to Empty
The gas gauge in my 2006 Chevrolet Malibu goes to empty at times. My wife ran out of gas once. Is there a fuse or relay for this problem.
Check Engine Light Code P1374
Where is and how do i replace the crank position sensor on my car? This code came up with a computer scan at the mechanic.
2008 Chevy Malibu Steering Noise
There is a pop noise when I am turning the steering wheel. Shop lubricated bushings and replaced the shocks and struts.
Knocking Noise in Brakes
When slowing down my Malibu brakes make a knocking sound from the front. Already replaced the pads and rotors.
Hard to Start
After putting gas in my car, it is hard to start. I only use the plus gasoline. Can you tell me what this problem is.
How To Change Shift Solenoid
I have a check engine light and code for a bad transmission shift solenoid B. How to replace this or dies it have to go to a mechanic.
Car Dies At Idle With Air Conditioning On
My 2005 Malibu stalls out when slowing down to an idle, but only when the A/C is on. What is wrong with my car?
Evap Code P0446
Have this code on my car. Is that a bad purge valve or vent solenoid?
Humming Noise In Front End
My 2001 has an ABS light and noise in the front end. We replaced both hub bearing but the light is still on.
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P0341 And P0335 with Transmission Problems
I have replaced the crank sensor but still have thee codes. Also the transmission won't go into reverse.

Multiple Random Misfires
I have a check engine light with code P0300. It is showing random misfires on several cylinders. We change spark plugs, wires and the catalytic converter.
Noise When Braking And Turning
My car is getting a clunk noise when turning the steering wheel and driving slowly. Sounds like brakes or suspension noise.

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