1999 Silverado Hard Starting
I had the fuel  pump replaced and have been using Lucas Injector Cleaner with every tank of gas. The  problem never seemed to get better so...
2010 Suburban Alternator and Battery
The voltage gauge in the dash of my truck goes up and down when driving. There is also a burning smell under the hood. GM dealer said that is normal function of charging system.
Doors Won't Lock or Unlock
The doors on my Chevy Tahoe go crazy by themselves. Rear door ajar lights comes on. Is it a bad actuator or other problem.
Power Door Locks
The locks on my Chevy truck do  not work from the switches. They do operate from the remote to lock and unlock them. What could be the problem. Is it a fuse or something I can fix myself.
1998 Chevy Tahoe Shifter Broken and Wont Start
I have to turn the bracket under the steering column to shift gears, but now my truck won't start. What is wrong with my Chevy?
Some Chevrolet Tahoe Repair Questions
GMC Sierra Dash And PRNDL Lights Out
I have several dash light out on my truck. They come on when i hit the top of the dash. Also, the shift indicator lighting is very dim.

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