1999 Oldsmobile Alero Key Stuck Wont Turn Ignition
my ignition key will go into the cylinder, but it will not turn for me to try to start it. Any ideas of what i can do...
2002 Olds wont start. Theft Security Light On
When I went to start it, it wouldn't start.  After letting it sit for awhile it finally started. We had it tested for codes and non came up.  We replaced the ignition module and it started right up.  Now it won't start again...
Problem With My 2004 Oldsmobile Misfire, No Power
car started idling funny, and lacks power when i push the gas,  and is really hard to start in the mornings.  Went to auto zone and the guy said it was a misfire code, and  to change my plugs...
My 2001 Alero Service Vehicle Soon Light on Dash
I recently had the Service Vehicle soon light come on. So i look in the booklet that came with it and was wondering if it was the Automatic Lighting Control...
Change Spark Plugs on 2.2l  Engine
Like to change the spark plugs but don't have any idea
on how to tackle the coil over plug system. Could you give me some tips...
Oldsmobile  Ignition Key Problem Security Flashing
Why does My 2002 Alero V6 Chugs at 35 MPH. Replaced Spark Plugs. When you go 35 or higher like it not getting gas or something . It has got worse since i changed spark plugs...
2002 Oldsmobile Wont Start Security Light On
The car was working fine and the radio was left on while I was in the car.  When I went to start it wouldn't start.  After letting it sit for awhile it finally started. We had it tested for codes and none came up.  We replaced the ignition module and it started right up.
My 2002 Alero dash and radio problems
Car wont start. While driving one day everything on my dash board (gages and all) and radio shut down but the car was still driving just fine. When I got home the only way the dash bored and radio would work is when i open the trunk but it would go off
My gauges just went out on my 2000 Alero
Checked fuses are good. Gauges are sent data on the Class II line and the cluster interprets the data. A scanner that can read inputs to the cluster would be need to see if the PCM ...
Security Relearn Procedure 1999 Alero
just tried to start my Olds Alero. I turned the key and it wont turn over. The security light is on the dash. Why is the light on. Do i need to scan for codes, or is there a simple fix for this problem.
What Year Engine Can i Swap My 2000 Oldsmobile Alero
I need to see if there are interchangeable engines. Like a cutlass or something. And if so what years...
Clicking Noise in the Dash of My 2002 Alero
the sound that is made when the  turn signal is on. It varies in speed, sometimes slower than the turn signal, sometimes  faster...
2002 Oldsmobile Alero
v-6 chugs at 35 MPH. Replaced spark plugs and fuel filter.
No Communication With Computer
Replaced the PCM on my 2001 Alero but still cannot talk with the computer. Does it need to be programmed.
Some Popular Oldsmobile Alero Questions
2000 Alero Overheats And Leaks Water
I changed the thermostat on my car, but the engine still over heats. Water is coming out of the overflow reservoir. What is wrong with my car?
Replace Engine Now Won't Start
I put a 3.4L engine from a Chevy Impala in my Olds Alero now it does not start. It cranks but won't run. Could it be the PCM?
2002 Security Light Flashing
How to bypass the theft system on my 2002 Oldsmobile Alero? The fuel injectors and spark plugs are working but the light is flashing.
Leaking Coolant On 3400
I replaced the intake manifold gaskets but i still have the milkshake antifreeze in the oil. See my picture and video of the rocker arms
Where Are The Trans Speed Senors Located
I have replace almost all sensor and need a diagram of the transmission speed sensors and shift solenoids.

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