2001 Pontiac Security Light Flashing Wont Start
Why does my 2001 pontiac grand prix start and die after 3 seconds. Some one told me to have the battery checked and it was bad. Ran good for 3 days and started up again. I noticed...
Grand Prix ABS Light No Codes
Replaced pads rotors recent master cylinder.
This is an intermittent trouble after driving for a while the abs light comes on there are no codes stored in the computer. This has been an ongoing trouble that began long before.
2000 Pontiac ABS When Wet Outside
I had the ABS warning light come on this past Monday.   I took it to a GM dealer to inspect/repair.  According to the service manager, the anti lock brake module needs to be replaced.  The part listed for $900.
2000 TRAC Light and Shifter is Stuck
My car will not shift into any gears unless something is shoved into the shift release, then traction control light is lit up, now my ac is blowing freon out every now and then.
2001 ABS TRAC Off Light Hubs Replaced
I noticed some growling from the car.  Happens when i turn corners or inclined driveways sometimes out of nowhere. Shakes steering column.  Why does Sometimes it kicks on my abs light and trac off light.  Also, and maybe tied with in previous condition list earlier. When vehicle is warm it shifts hard.  I took it to a mechanic in my town and he said i had three codes...
2004 Pontiac 3800 Gauges Sweep Stalls Hard to Start
When in the morning I start my car it starts ok but after the first start when I start it again it starts ok and does the gauge calibrations/checks (move all the gauge needles to end point and come back) and then tries to stall. Two times on different...
Replace Timing Belt Now has Noise in Front of Engine
Now with all the repairs made regarding the timing belt failure. The engine now starts and runs with power. But has a very loud buzz saw or chain saw noise coming from the front of the engine. I removed the serpentine belt eliminating all the accessories. Removed...
1995 Pontiac Grand Am 3.1 L V6
Fixed water pump, intake gaskets, thermostat, coolant temperature sensor, coolant flush. This thing keeps overheating at idle well over the 220 mark. What else could it be there is no leak form the block or steam out the exhaust...
GP 3.4 l DOHC Oxygen Sensor Codes
Replaced intake manifold gaskets.
Question = the engine would idle up real high when started each morn, now after gasket replaced the engine idles normal,,now engine lite comes on ,where is the o2 sensor.
P0108 on 2001 Grand Prix GT Vacuum High
When I cover it with my hand the engine RPMS go way up and it  sounds like the vacuum is starving for air.  Is it possible that while replacing the  upper intake I spilled coolant into the tube leading to the PCV valve?  I checked all vacuum lines and they seem to be...
2005 GP Dies Out. Replaced Battery Cleaned Air Flow Sensor
The mechanics said it was a bad battery. They  replaced it, but a few days later the car wouldn't start again. This time they  cleaned the throttle body and mass airflow sensor. It worked fine for a month or  so, but now the check engine light is on.
Repeat code p0420 on my 2002 Pontiac GP
Replaced Oil Pan Gasket Now Steering Wheel Free Wheels
Needed to replace the oil pan gasket as it had started leaking near the rear of the motor and the flywheel. Followed all of the procedures except for disconnecting the cinch bolt from the steering gear. The motor was raised a few inches in order to aide in removing the oil pan. The steering became stiff and suddenly started freewheeling. I know this happened because we did not...
Check engine light code P0300 on 2005 3800
My 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix has a check engine light on. It also hesitates a little  bit. Had the codes scanned and came back with P0300 misfire intermittent on a few different  cylinders. We did a tune up but...
How To Get Broken Spark Plugs Out 2004 Grand Prix 3800 V6
I took the wires off and only  the bottom of the plug showed.  Do I need to take the cylinder off?
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Blower Motor only High Speed 2005 Grand Prix
I've read that if the resistor goes bad, the fan will operate only at the highest speed, however mine doesn't operate at all...
Car wont start. Security Theft Light Flashing
I went to start my car and it ran for 3 seconds and shut off. I tried a couple times and the same thing happened. Why is my security is flashing and I have no clue why. The closest GM shop to me is 2 hours away or any shop for that matter. I have no clue what is going on. Can you please help me.
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3800 coolant sensor Replacement
am having a bit of a problem, I need to replace my Coolant Temperature Sensor on my 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 3800. However, there's a bracket bolted in my way and I do not know how to maneuver around it. Is there anyway I can get to it or do I have to take the bracket off?

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