1995 3.1L Overheating
Replaced water pump, intake gaskets,
thermostat, coolant temp sensor, coolant flush.
This car keeps overheating at idle well over the
220 mark.
1997 Grand Am Catalytic Converter P0420 Misfire
Had miss fire problem first, replacing the ignition
parts fixed problem. But, cat went bad. Replaced
cat and front and rear O2 sensors. Then gas cap
for evap leak. Now have a p0420 code Is it the
catalytic converts or rear O2, something else?
MASS airflow or map sensor.
My 1999 Pontiac Brakes ABS light
Replaced front brake pads and rotors. Just
wondering what would be the likely cause to
make the ABS light come on right after replacing.
1998 Intake Air Sensor Code P0113 Repair
Where is the IAT sensor. Intake air
temperature sensor
. I need to fix code to pass
emissions. My SES light came on.
My 2001 Pontiac Check Engine Light P0171 Lean
why does my grand am has a check engine light
come on. I had the codes pulled from a scanner at
Autozone. They said it was.
1999 6cyl Overheating And Coolant Loss
It only begins to overheat if you drive it as long as it
sits it won't overheat. The leakage is coming out of
the overflow hose.
Pontiac 2001 Grand Am Blower Works High Speed Only
The 30 amp fuse in the engine compartment was blown. I
put a new one in and when I turned on the blower motor
it instantly blew again.
SES Code P0113 TRAC Off
Mechanic said that i had to change or repair my intake
air temperature  circuit, which i did. I connected
everything back in place, so, i cleared the code, and my
SES light is still on.
3.4l v6 Grand Am Code P0449
1999 Pontiac Stalls After Head Gaskets Replaced
I see the previous owner may have been chasing this
issue because it does have a new crank sensor. I
have checked the ground connections but have not
run a test.
How to Adjust Valves Push rods After Intake Gaskets on 3.4L
top of motor tore down for oil getting in coolant . Gaskets found
bad at coolant jackets. To replace
intake gaskets what is the
procedure for installing correct length push rods.
1997 2.4 Has Several Oxygen Sensor Codes
Check engine codes = system too lean bank 1, circuit no
activity detected bank1 sensor 2, 02 heater  circuit bank 1
sensor 2, H025/025 insufficient switching sensor 1 or bank 1...
1996 Theft Light on After Replaced Fuel Pump
Anti theft light is on and car will start for 5 seconds
and then die!! Where is the anti theft device? I will
change it, I have a parts car.
Pontiac Grand Am Has No Heat from Vents
The gauge on the dash works. The engine gets hot,
and the car has not over heated. What Is my problem?
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Radio Says LOC and No Sound
I replaced the battery on my Pontiac Grand am
now the radio is locked- LOC. I need unlock
code for the theft.
Car Getting Bad Gas Mileage
Checked the FPR and changed an O2 sensor. Spark
plugs and wires good along with ignition coils, but still
getting 8 miles to the gallon and plugs are black.
3.4L V6 Misfire When Hot
Car starts fine when it is cold, but warms up and starts
misfiring. Replaced the spark plugs, fuel pressure
regulator and cleaned the fuel injectors.
1997 Grand Am Stalls Out
My Pontiac Grand Am has a check engine light with
multiple misfire codes. It dies out a slow speeds but runs
good on the highway. Have replaced the ignition coils,
fuel injectors and spark plugs.
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1995 Grand Am Has No Fire
My car will crank over but not start. There is no spark
from the ignition coils. I replaced the crank sensor and
computer already.

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